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Start a fundraiser with assisted support
Start a fundraiser with assisted support ×
  3 Step fundraiser story creation
3 Step fundraiser story creation
  Free Petition creation
Free Petition creation
  Multiple contribution methods
Multiple contribution methods
  Mobile-friendly platform
Mobile-friendly platform
  Fast fund withdrawal
Fast fund withdrawal × ×
  Personalised fundraising dashboard
Personalised fundraising dashboard
  Zero fund transfer fee to Bank account
Zero fund transfer fee to Bank account
  Add multiple Bank accounts
Add multiple Bank accounts ×
  Server & Bandwidth Charges
Server & Bandwidth Charges
  Android & iOS App
Android & iOS App
  Email Support
Email Support
  Chat Support
Chat Support ×
  Telephonic Support
Telephonic Support × ×
  Social Media Push & Emailers
Social Media Push & Emailers × ×
  Social & programmatic advertisements
Social & programmatic Advertisements × × ×
  Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing × ×
  Content & Graphic Development
Content & Graphic Development × ×
  End-to-end fundraising support
End-to-end fundraising support × × ×
  Relationship Manager
Relationship Manager × ×
  Crowdfunding expert advice
Crowdfunding expert advice ×
  Video Creation & Push
Video Creation & Push × × ×
  Offer Rewards in your Fundraisers
Offer Rewards in your Fundraisers × ×
  Automated Tax Exemption 80G Receipts
Automated Tax Exemption 80G Receipts × ×
  Custom Fundraising Page Shortname
Custom Fundraising Page Shortname
• SewaSetu Success fee is applicable only on the amount raised rather than the goal amount.

• Campaigns will be approved on sole discretion of the SewaSetu Compliance team.

• GST of 18% will be charged on the services offered only and not on Contributions or Goal Amount.

• SewaSetu might sometimes rely on third party vendors and tools for due diligence and verification of campaigns, content moderation such as text and multimedia review to check for potentially harmful content, identity authentication, hospital, NGO and beneficiary bank account verification, and document verification systems to ensure continued trust and safety on the platform. Normally we would have charged a due diligence, safety, and administration fee of Rs. 3000 + GST but this fees has now been waived off as well. This is to make sure that you have more funds available per campaign.

* All payments are subject to a payment gateway fee of flat 4%. An additional per contribution fee of ₹35 charged per international credit/debit card transaction has been waived off.

• An international transaction fee of ₹2500 applied per fundraiser if foreign cards have been used has been waived off.

• Support timings for Standard, Essential & Amplify plans are from 10 AM to 6PM (Mon-Fri) only. We provide 24/7 support for Accelerate plan & urgent medical cases incase of emergencies.

• We charge a 0% platform fee for natural disaster fundraising and petitions.

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