SewaSetu is India’s first social change platform. What is a social change platform you may ask? In short, it is an umbrella of products, aimed at creating a better tomorrow for individuals and the society.

When we started SewaSetu two years ago, our sole objective was to help change people’s lives for the better. During the course of our journey, we have been fortunate enough to help wipe off a few tears and bring a smile to people’s faces.

Our Offerings

We believe in empowering people. Thus we identified two of the most impactful verticals to build our cause – crowdfunding campaigns and petitions.

Anyone can start a fundraiser or a petition in just two minutes. Yes that’s how easy it is. Once you register and submit your cause, our team approves it within 24 hours and you are good to go.

SewaSetu Campaign: Money is an essential in today’s society and one should never suffer due to a lack of it. For any financial crisis or need, we are here to help you. Be it paying medical bills, funding lifesaving treatment, feeding and education people or raising funds for any social cause – SewaSetu and its generous community will be your pillar of support.

In our brief journey, we have helped save lives, raised funds for families reeling in tragedy and helped artists fund their next big project.

SewaSetu Petitions: Do you feel passionately about a cause? Do you want to bring about a positive change in society and want those in power to listen to you? This is what our petitions are for. Not only will we host your petitions, we will also share them among our community and send call to action emails from our side to the addressees. Like campaigns, it takes just two minutes to sign-up and start a petition. 

What Sets Us Apart

The easiest answer would be – we are the only platform in India which allows you to create both petitions and campaigns. A better answer would be – we are building a social change ecosystem. 

Our aim is to provide every possible tool in people’s hands which will enable them to bring about a change in their personal lives and the society. To this end, we are coming up with our social media platform – completely different from prevalent models, which will bring together petitioners, campaigners, benefactors and the general public on a single platform. Thus, helping create a community dedicated to bring about a positive change.

Our Core Values

SewaSetu is not a commercial investment for us. It is an emotional investment. As a result, we strive to maintain the highest levels of ethics and principles while building our platform and interacting with our esteemed patrons.

We follow – THE core values – Transparency, Honesty and Ethics. Additionally we are guided by four Hs – Heritage, History, Health and Humanity.

Our primary objective through SewaSetu is to do good and help people. We sustain ourselves through contributions from our benefactors and always try to waive off any financial commitment from the campaigners.

Contact Us

You are the most important person for us. Please never hesitate to contact us in case of any assistance or feedback. We can be reached at +91 932-137-5955 or you can email us on We are always here for you.

Heritage. History. Health. Humanity.

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